How to Work When You Are Sick, Sad, or Tired

Somedays, you’re just not feeling it. Here’s my list of how I keep going.

  1.  Plan a time to go back to bed. Make it 8:00, ridiculously early. This does a couple of great things. It gives you something to look forward to. Yay, sleep! It reduces the risk or procrastination because you know you have fewer hours to get your work done. Finally, it lets your body heal. Rest is often the best cure.
  2. Stay off social media. This is not the day to look for external validation.

  3. Make a Top Three List. If you only could accomplish three things today, what should those things be?
  4. Make a Sick List. Once, when I had a terrible cold, I needed to be at work, but I could not focus. I made of list of everything I had to do in order to survive.  This list included basic, self-care things like “make tea” and the bare minimum required for a functional work day. When I was home with small children, the list included games I could play on the floor and really long movies. Then, I kept that list for future reference so I never had to remember how to function on a sick day. I pull out this list anytime I am feeling under the weather. It has helped me be a functional human being more times than I can count.
  5. Turn on email and voicemail away notifications. Just meet important deadlines. Everything else can wait.
  6. Give yourself the grace to try again tomorrow.



*photo by Siebe Warmoeskerken

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