Start From The Very Beginning

snowy walk

I’m doing a thing. I am going to write 100 words a day for the rest of the year.


Because writing became scary and overwhelming and I couldn’t face it. So I’m making a tiny goal I think anyone can do, even me, even now.

2017: A recap:

A move.

A surgery.

Another surgery.

I lost control over my body. It became this broken thing I was always trying to fix. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t create. Everything hurt.

I lost control of my mind. I lost all my nouns. I stopped writing.

So here it is. A new start.


*photo by Patrick Chin

2 thoughts on “Start From The Very Beginning

  1. So great to see this pop up as “new mail”. I’m looking forward to reading your 100 words a day. I’m also hoping 2018 is better for you. Two surgeries and a move – whew.

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