One Word 2018

woman in field with bible

One Word of years past:

  • 2015: Fire (See also: light the world on, ignite your inner, unstoppable, Come on Baby Light My)
  • 2016: Lightbearer (See also: lighthouse, light bringer, procession leader, torch waver, truth teller)
  • 2017: Habits “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” (See also: morning routine, writing routine, exercise routine, water, walks)

One Word of 2018: FAITHFUL

(See also: money, marriage, motherhood, mission, maker)

Additional roles requiring faithfulness: foster mom, body haver, time manager, steward of talents, writer of books.

What is your one word going to be?

What is One Word? See more info here.



*photo by Priscilla-Du-Preez


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