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Is your company gaining new customers because of your social media presence? If not, meet your new social media specialist.

Why Bethany?
Hi. I’m Bethany. I see so many small businesses, companies with great products or services, struggling to connect to their intended audience.

Here’s the thing. Every company has a story about how you can help your customer save time, save money, and make the world more awesome. Chances are, your customer hasn’t had the chance to see how awesome you are because they don’t understand the story you are trying to tell.

As a writer, stories are what I do. Whether the story is in a multi-page colorful website, a short call-to action blog post, or a 120-character tweet, the story behind the text is what stirs hearts and minds to action. Frankly, without a story a small business doesn’t stand a chance.

I am a social media specialist and have created and directed the Facebook page for my church and a campus group at Bryan College. I am well-versed in Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, podcasting, Blogger, WordPress, and SquareSpace. I have worked closely with the Advancement Office of Bryan College in order to learn fund raising writing strategies. In the Admissions and Enrollment Management, I worked as a copy editor for all college advertising.

I have an English degree with a concentration in writing. I have a Masters degree in Rhetoric and Composition, which means simply, “I know how and why to say a thing.” I have recently completed a course in marketing from the Wharton School of Business.

Here’s how I can help you gain the attention your work deserves.


  • Facebook Content and Posting
  • LinkedIn Content and Posting
  • Newsletter Setup
  • Twitter Content and Posting
  • Blog Creation
  • Email Newsletters
  • Blogging Content
  • Website Content




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