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Change Agents

Tiny joys.
Tiny joys.

Let’s be change agents in the world around us. The world sure needs some good, and we say we want to help. Like drops of rain carving the Grand Canyon, I believe in the power of small change. Here’s ten ways to be a force for good in the world right this very second. Choose one. Act immediately.

  1. Hug the people in your house. They’re already there. They go out into the world everyday to share the love you give to them. It’s love, exponential.
  2. Love the people in your town. If your neighborhood is changing, go meet someone new.
  3. Don’t watch the news. Someone will be dying to tell you what’s going on, anyway. Let them have the joy of being in the know. You can have the joy of being present in your own life.
  4. Ask your neighbors to keep on eye on things when you go out of town. It engenders trust. It’s an easy excuse to go meet them.
  5. Take a deep breath. You’re no good to anybody when you’re too stressed out to function.
  6. Give a kind word to somone behind the counter. They’re bored and underpaid and it’s doesn’t cost you anything to spare a good word.
  7. Use the artistic gifts you were given. Make seomthing. Share it online. It encourages other people to use their gifts.
  8. Shop local. Buy Christmas presents from a local retailer. Use the local tags on Etsy.
  9. Clean  something. It’s a little of acedia combat and broken window theory. Put your hands to work and make something shiny. I don’t know why it helps, but it always does.
  10. Text someone and tell them why they’re awesome.


photo by David Schap