Monthly Archives: April 2016

What Does the Dream Look Like?

The dream looks like watching, waiting.

The dream looks like staring into the water, watching ideas flow in, flow away.

(photo by Steve Carter)

The dream looks like remembering little hints along the path. The dream looks like remembering words from a  thousand years ago, nearly forgotten plans, hints and reminders from surprising sources.

The dream looks scary and unthinkable… until it doesn’t any more.

The dream looks like small actions, taken each day, over consecutive days, that begin to add up to something.

The dream looks like sacrifice, decisions, choices, intentional plans. The dream looks like  “hustle and flow.” And soon even the hustle starts to feel like fun.

The dream looks like giving up on SAFE for something better. Safe no longer feels better. Safe feels like fear and fear feels like loss.

The dream feels like courage. 

Peek Around the Corner

In the middle of creating your art, don’t forget to take a look around the edges to see what might be hiding.

After (and during) getting the draft done, look to the right. Look to the left. See what may be hiding, just out of reach.

Photo by Bertrand Zuchuat

Fear stops us from GOING THERE. Routine stops us from TRYING SOMETHING NEW. Calendars tell us we’re too busy to go EXPLORE today.

Let’s not get so caught up in the same paths that we forget to look around new corners and edges. Life lies in the margins. Let’s go see.

Your Art Matters

Think of all the people who have inspired you along the way. Think about that brilliantly designed ad that you ripped out of a magazine in high school because it was the first time you understood typefaces. Think about the blog post you saved and read over and over any time you needed it. Think about the quote you copied, word for word in your journal, because you never wanted to forget it.


There are people out there who have moved you, inspired you, saved you. They may never know that you are their one true fan. They may never know they have any fans at all, unless you track them down and tell them one day.

But just think. You might be this to someone else. You will have written the poem that someone needed. You will write the song that saves that boy’s life. You will write the paragraph that a young girl copied over and over, word for word, in order to memorize it, make it her own, absorb it in her bones.

You. You will make the thing that changes the course of someone’s life.

Don’t think for one second that your art doesn’t matter. You are creating the thing that is out there doing the important work of saving and changing lives.

You are creating to improve the quality of your own soul.
You are creating to knit together the tiny holes in someone else’s soul.
Your work matters.
Your art matters.